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SheInside fashion clothing store

A lot of you guys ask me about good online clothing stores to shop from, that are reliable and have reasonable prices. sells quality clothing and accessories and offer a huge variety of styles, like you could spend hours looking through their store, they have a ton of items! I’ve made a collage list with links below of some of their items that I love and think you guys would love as well~


1- Black lapel contrast polka dot long sleeve dress

2- White bilayer lapel embroidery lace dress 

3-  Black long sleeve floral elastic waist ruffles dress

4- Yellow long sleeve simpson cartoon pattern loose sweater (pink version here)

5- White cat face print round neck pullover sweatshirt

6- Black FU double CK boyfrined pullover sweatshirt

7-Retro gold lotus pocket watch necklace

8- Black cross chain link bracelet 

9- Sliver rivet collar chain necklace

There were so many other items I wanted to put in the collage, you guy have no idea. If you love kfashion/jfashion this is definitely your dream store!

They also have a no minimum free shipping rate, so you can buy one thing or ten things, it’s free! :D And the US delivery time is super fast compared to some other online stores (5-10 work days to the US) Or you can pay a little extra for express shipping which is even faster!

They also have this “happy hour” deal, where they have 50% off a different item everyday, so make sure to check that out!

The shop’s staff is currently on holiday for the Chinese New Year and aren’t shipping until the 17th of February  so as compensation you can use the coupon code “HOLIDAY20” for 20% off until then!!!

 What do you guys think of this store? Let me know what your favorite item is!

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